18 February 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Super Friends: Rest in Peace

This episode was pretty hardcore with the Legion murdering the Friends one by one. Yes, there was a twist, but still. Plus the creator of the deadly weapon was Natas AKA Satan backward. Talk about TVPG.

I understand why a special weapon was needed to kill Superman and Wonder Woman, but why not just shoot Batman? Even dumber was Luthor throwing the weapon down into the sewer when he was done with it. Pretty arrogant to think he would never use it again.

The episode was also chop full of weird powers. Flash flew, Batman and Riddler cast spells, Wonder Woman teleported by spinning, and her lasso could shapeshift into a cage. In spite of all that, this one earns high marks for its dark tone that would likely devastate and captivate young impressionable minds.

Episode Count: 0322
Series Count: (30 of 32)

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