19 February 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Rise And Fall of The Super Friends

After years and years, Mr. Mixed Pickle returned... to make the Super Friends star in his movie which involved marrying mannequins, a junk monster, and Frankenstein's monster. This "captured on film" caper was not nearly as enjoyable as the Collector episode from the previous season. Also, Mr. Mxyzptlk had an incredibly obnoxious voice.

 Even though the idea for the episode itself was not great, the execution was also poor ending this element of the series on a lower note. I mean, were all these scenes really supposed to fit into the same movie? At least the Wonder Twins weren't forced into the action, only to have to be saved. The other mildly redeeming element was the resolution. The best part of the Mxyzptlk appearances are seeing how they trick him - this time Superman used his heat vision to alter his script and tricked Pickle Breath into reading the line. Good one.

Episode Count: 0323
Series Count: (31 of 32)

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