30 September 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Mxyzptlk's Revenge

And we have official entered "lost" territory. While the first two seasons of Super Friends shorts were aired in the early 80's the third and final season was lost, only to reemerge in syndication years later and ironically eventually on DVD while the two aired season had only seen digital release until this year. While this may not be the best the lost season had to offer, it was at least a memorable outing.
Alternate universes, Mxyzptlk, Super-farming. Now thats a show. Surprisingly, "Mixelplick" finally gave up movie making for this outing. Instead he was intent to punish the World's Finest by banishing them to his own 5th dimension. Mr S-Chest and Bats had their work cut out for them with Supes being sent to a space farm where the only thing that could hurt him was green beans. Batman was forced to live in an upside down house. Just when I expected Scooby and Shaggy to save the day, Superman finished his super hoe-ing and finally outsmarted the imp. How did he do it you ask. Well apparently saying Mxyzptlk's name forward in the backward universe sent the heroes home.

Episode Count: 0441
Series Count: (43 of 66)

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