07 August 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Lock-Up

The title character, Lock-Up just wasn't terribly interesting and consequently, I found the episode to be a bit forgettable.  I guess the idea of a cruel warden is a good contrast to Batman who wants justice rather than vengeance. But overall, this was kind of a dud.

It's notable that Lock-Up was one of the few characters created for the series that was actually integrated into the comic continuity, but I don't think he made a big splash there either. The one glimmer of hope for the character was the final line of the episode where he indicated his glee at being locked up among the villains. Kind of a Rorschach-esque vibe where he could torment the prisoners within the walls. Too bad the episode ended before he was able to capitalize on that warning.

Episode Count: 0606
Series Count: (72 of 81)
First Appearance: Lock-Up

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