28 April 2009

Superman (1978) - Film Capsule

Hero: The Man of Steel, The Last Son of Krypton, Kal-El, The Man of Tomorrow, but the world knows him as Superman

Villain(s): The Greatest Criminal Mind of Our Time, Lex Luthor. We also got a sneak peek at General Zod's gang.

Diabolical Scheme: Real estate. Lex Luthor would hit the San Andreas fault line in California with a nuclear missile creating a new shoreline consisting of former desert that he had bought "dirt" cheap.

Coolest Moment: The Superman vs San Andreas sequence is probably the highlight of the movie, though honestly, when the Superman theme begins to play is when the the movie gets me the most excited.

Comic Book Logic: When Superman turns back time, why doesn't he prevent the disaster all together rather than just saving Lois? Also, if he could fly so fast, why couldn't he catch the missiles in the first place?

Opening Weekend: $7,465,343

Total Domestic Box Office: $134,218,018

Adjusted Domestic Total: $412,978,517

Review in 50 Words or Less: Visionary and epic, but not as fun as the sequel. Slightly dated but still well worth your time. One of the greatest movie scores ever. Weak villain and lame villain ploy. Perfect casting for Clark Kent /Superman. Gotta give it to Brando, his limited screen time as Jor-El was superb.

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