29 April 2009

Wolverine's Top Movie Moments

Check out IGN.com's countdown of the best Wolverine moments in the X-Men movies. The list is as follows:

10. Proving His Identity - Film: X-Men
(Wolverine's response to Cyclops when asked to prove he isn't Mystique)

9. Fastball Special - Film: X-Men: The Last Stand
(Danger room when thrown by Colossus)

8. Death Proof - Film: X-Men
(Self-impaling in the Statute of Lib fight)

7. You Always Hurt the One You Love - Film: X-Men
(Accidentally stabs Rogue during a bad dream)

6. She Chose You - Film: X2: X-Men United
(Wolverine consoles Cyclops after Jeans "death.")

5. Jean Slay - Film: X-Men: The Last Stand
(Death to Phoenix)

4. No Way to Treat a Lady (Deathstrike)- Film: X2: X-Men United
(Deathstrike fight)

3. Kiss Me Deadly - Film: X2: X-Men United
(Mystique tries to seduce Wolverine by taking various female forms)

2. Barroom Brawl - Film: X-Men
(Wolverine gets jumped after winning a cage match)

1. They Picked the Wrong School - Film: X2: X-Men United
(Wolverine unleashes on mansion invaders)

I guess these are pretty much the seminal Wolverine moments but I think the Deathstrike fight should be tops. Also, the whole Wolverine vs. Mystique in X-Men ending with a surprise impaling should be on the list. I expect some of the scenes from X-Men Origins Wolverine will make the list as well. Any thoughts? Comment away.

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