01 May 2009

G.I. Joe A Real American (Super)Hero?

I have been reluctant to talk much about G.I. Joe on this site because I am not really sure if it qualifies as a "superhero show." There has to be a line somewhere, but if you count Batman as a superhero, then why not the Joes? Still, its a slippery slope. Next thing you know, people are calling James Bond a superhero, and I would have to disagree with that.

Anyways, seeing as how after Wolverine there could be a major void in the genre until Iron Man 2, I have decided to add G.I. Joe coverage here. I wonder if its going to have that guy that turns blue in the sun or those twins that feel each others pain. Those are super powers, right? I really haven't been following this film too closely, mostly expecting it to be terrible. But this trailer sort of gives me hope. Not that it will be good mind you, but that it may entertain ala Transformers. At least, I don't expect a Dragonball level disappointment based on the little I have seen so far. For Dennis Quaid (AKA the poor man's Harrison Ford)'s sake, I hope it isn't a total disaster.

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