01 May 2009

Spotlight on Deadpool

Wolverine has arrived in theaters. And while this is Wolvie's 4th live action outing some fans are more pumped to catch the live-action debut of Deadpool. Deadpool the mercenary antihero nicknamed the "Merc with a Mouth," for his constant wisecracks first appeared in The New Mutants #98 in 1991.

Like Wolverine, Deadpool was a product of the Weapon X program and has ties to Wolverine's past. He also shares Wolverine's regenerative powers. What he lacks is any real exposure in any on screen media. Deadpool made a couple of blink and you'll miss him cameos on the 1992 X-Men animated. Actually, he only appeared as a memory or as the manifestation of a shape shifter.

Earlier this year, Deadpool finally got his real first appearance in the animated Hulk VS. feature.

Hulk VS. managed to capture "talking man's" personality and costume, something that X-Men Origins: Wolverine would struggle to do.

The costumeless Deadpool does indeed spout of his mouth a couple of time sin X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but from the picture you can see he doesn't really look himself.

Depending on how well the Wolverine movie does, we may actually finally get a Deadpool movie, which I would hope could get the costume right. Those of you who see Wolverine may be a bit confused as to how that would work, but one of the "secret endings" of Wolverine sets the stage for X-Men Origins: Deadpool, a spinoff to the prequel. Sounds promising...

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