20 January 2010

Sony Present's Sony's Spider-man and What Could Have Been

So, to be fair, having heard some of the plot details of Sam Raimi's Spidey 4, I think that is a movie I can go without. From what I have read, the movie would have begin with MJ and Peter splitting. Now, its not like I want more Spidey/MJ drama, but this would have made 3 movies of them trying to work things out seem pretty pointless. Anyhow, the break up set the stage for Peter's romance with the Black Cat Black Vulturess. daughter of the Vulture. But when Spidey defeats and kills the vulture, the Vulturess gets mad and Peter quits being Spider-Man.

No I did not make that up and it sounds at least as rehashy and stupid as any Sony presents Spider-Man by Sony could be, so I am willing to give this new take a benefit of the doubt. Hopefully next time round they wont screw up venom so bad.

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