23 January 2010

Super Butt Surprises on Brave and the Bold

Last night on Batman: The Brave and the Bold there were quite a few geek nods that couldn't wait until Monday for a post. Not only did the episode, Sidekicks Assemble, feature the formation of the Teen Titans as well as the debut of Nightwing (picture forthcoming) but it also offered a surprise look at the Justice League. Not only were we given first looks at Martian Manhunter and Barry Allen Flash, but beardless Aquaman and most notably the butts of Wonder Woman and Superman. Normally I wouldn't be too exited about a couple of butts, however in this case seeing these characters at all was a nice treat since they are supposedly "off-limits" to the show for non-creative reasons.

Oh, and we got to see the Hall of Justice- strait out of the Super Friends!

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