19 January 2010

What to Expect in 2010 - Superhero Competition

In Part 1 and Part 2 we looked at anticipated Superhero movies and shows arriving in 2010. In this final part, I thought it would be fun to look forward to some of the other big movies that will be competing with the heroes at the box office.

12 Feb 2010 - Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

I have read the book this is based on and the quick description is that its Harry Potter with Greek mythology. Its also set in the US and is not as good. Having said that, the book was still enjoyable and seeing a smorgasbord of Greek myths introduced into the film as the trio of heroes travels cross country seems like it could be a good time, tricking me into thinking I really did enjoy memorizing the names of all those gods in junior high school English. These books do not have the following of the Potter man and a February release limits its potential for success, but who knows. It may be successful enough for the whole 5 book series to receive adaptations.

19 Mar 2010 - Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

On paper, Tim Burton seems like an obvious name for an Alice movie, but this movie looks a lot weirder and less wondrous than I had hoped for. I bet it will be a hit though.

26 Mar 2010 - Clash of the Titans

Between this and Percy Jackson, this Spring is a big one for the Greeks. The 1980's Clash of the Titans is a fun movie- mechanical C-3PO owl and all. This one looks to be a bit more like the 300 and less like Jason and the Argonauts.

26 Mar 2010 - How to Train Your Dragon

Another year, another slew of Dreamworks animated movies. There just aren't enough dragon movies out there and hopefully this one is as fun as Monsters vs. Aliens sounded (but wasn't).

21 May 2010 - Shrek Forever After

Can we get "FINAL" in writing. I have a feeling that this won't be the last of Shrek we see. This is the first movie of the year that may actually impact superhero box office coming out a couple weeks after Iron Man 2. Still, the impact should be minimal. I really hope for Shrek's sake that this movie is better than the last one.

28 May 2010 - Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

I don't know too much about this movie except that it wants to be Disney's next Pirates style franchise. Hey if you can make a series out of a ride, isn't it about time a video game adaptation made it big? Claiming Memorial Day weekend, Prince of Persia hopes to be huge but I am still on the fence.

11 Jun 2010 - The A-Team

Its the A-Team!

18 Jun 2010 - Toy Story 3

This will be gigantic. Even though its directed at kids, between Toy Story and the A-Team, Jonah Hex (opening this same day) will be an afterthought.

16 Jul 2010 - Inception

Chris Nolan's Dark Knight follow-up will be big. Its a good thing Thor pushed back to 2011. It would have been killed in the middle of 2010.

16 Jul 2010 - The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Is this supposed to be in any way related to the Mickey Mouse Fantasia short? Is Nick Cage Mickey. I don't get it.

19 Nov 2010 - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

The Pot returns for Thanksgiving. At least its not another Twilight.

10 Dec 2010 - The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Am I the only one that thought Caspian was better than The Lion, Witch, Wardrobe? I am looking forward to this and hoping its big enough to get at least the Silver Chair and Last Battle made.

17 Dec 2010 - Tron Legacy

Between Tron and Narnia, will anyone be left to care about the Green Hornet? Then again, every time I bust out the old Tron DVD I remember the movie isn't as great as it is cool. The light cycles I like, and the old Tron arcade game was fun, so if this Tron has lots of light cycles and some spinning cone sequence, I am sold.

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  1. They`re making a Puss N` Boots spin-off.