29 September 2011

Blankman (1994) - Discount Review

Heroes: Blankman and sidekick "Other Guy" along with robotic sidekick J5

Villains: Michael "The Suit" Minelli

Diabolical Scheme: Minelli wanted to keep a tight grip as crime lord by buying politicians and killing grandmas. The inspiring Blankman gained his attention.

Coolest Moment(s): Blankman was a stupid movie, but halfway in I started to enjoy his "wonderful toys" such as a railroad Blankmobile, an invincible robot that tumbled down the stairs, and all sorts of crazy weapons made out of garbage. The funniest line in the movie occurred when Blankman delivered a baby in an elevator and then said, "I'm a father."

Worst Moment: Blankman made his own costume bulletproof but not his sidekicks. Very thoughtful. Actually, in general Blankman seemed to be mentally ill and was frequently incredibly annoying.

Total Domestic Box Office: $7,941,977

Review in 50 Words or Less:
Not uproariously funny, but this parody was funnier and more comedic than Meteor Man as well as a better all around movie. That one had zany powers, this one had zany gadgets, a robot sidekick, and a little bit of heart. Still, don't expect Shakespeare, or even Iron Man 2.
Recommended Discount Before Buying: 60%

Blankman (Theatrical Trailer)

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