30 September 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - War of the Bee Battalion

When giant bees strike its a job for Superman. After swatting the bugs however, they shrank down to normal size requiring some investigative journalism.

Best Part: Superman had a knack for recognizing the queen bee. I mean they all looked the same to me.

Worst Part: Maybe I just missed it, but why did the bad guys unleash a bee swarm on the city? They claimed they wanted more money rather than more honey...? Why didn't they just sell the honey for "lots of money?" That seems more profitable than just unleashing a battalion of angry bees. I mean, they made no demands or ransom, they just said the boys in Metropolis were waiting. Waiting for what?

Episode Count: 0062
Series Count: (45 of 60)
Big Bugs Count: 0003

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