27 September 2011

Justice League: Doom's Legion Members Revealed

In today's press release from the Brothers Warner, the members of the nefarious Legion of Doom have been revealed as Vandal Savage, Star Sapphire, Mirror Master, Bane, Metallo, and Cheetah, a superstitious and cowardly lot indeed. Now if only we had some pictures of them!

As if the Legion of Doom wasn't enough, the League will also square off against the Royal Flush gang. I find the choice of villains a bit surprising, though also a refreshing change from normal. Aside from Cheetah, none of these villains were members of the Legion of Doom as seen on the Challenge of the Super Friends, nor are they the first villains that probably come to mind given the included heroes (aside from Cheetah once again). Nevertheless, they aren't a throwaway bunch either. The only one that stands out to me as semi-second tier is Bane who is most certainly receiving a bit of a marketing push due to his inclusion in The Dark Knight Rises. 

The other thing I noticed reviewing this list is that I do not know of a single Cyborg villain. Who does he fight in the comics? Even on Teen Titans, the only real adversary I can remember that focused on him was Brother Blood along with a couple of Hive Academy members. It will be interesting to see who Cyborg fits into this movie. In any case, it looks like Ra's is out but the other villains should do just fine without him.

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