29 September 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Brainiac's Bubbles

Beany the office boy is back. You gotta love that guy with is old man voice in a tiny body. Luckily, Beany saw Brainiac's spaceship which Superman immediately recognized in spite of the fact that he has encountered about 15 flying sauces that all kinda look the same. Anyways, a team of short shorts wearing Brainiac's came to Earth to abduct Lois, using a big bubble, in order to repopulate their planet.

Best Part: The title of this episode really demands you watch it to find out what its all about, even if it doesn't actually involve Brainiac blowing bubbles. On the other hand, CK blows bubbles at the end before giving his trademark wiseguy wink. This is actually another clear case of Superman being a jerk. I mean, if Lois was just traumatized by a big bubble, why blow bubbles in her face? You aren't going to get a date that way Kal.

Worst Part: Beany is actually a really terrible character. Just give us Jimmy. Also, for being impenetrable, the bubbles sure absorbed people pretty easily.

Episode Count: 0061
Series Count: (44 of 60)
Involuntary Shrinking Count: 0004

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