24 November 2011

Captain America II: Death Too Soon (1979) - Discount Review

Heroes: "Captain America" with a really big helmet.

Villains: Count Saruman Dooku as General Miguel

Diabolical Scheme: Miguel heisted a concoction that accelerated aging and used it to hold an exposed city ransom.As for his fate, "He chose poorly."

Coolest Moment(s): Once again, Cap's motorcycle was the star of the show. It practically had its own arsenal of super powers including a built in hang glider.
Worst Moment: The coolest thin about Captain America should be his shield, but once again this stripped nacho bowl was just laughable. In one early scene the plastic boomeranging bowl took out a thug by surprise in a completely ridiculous and laughable manner. Although it barely touched the man after wobbling in the wind, he fell down convulsing.
Review in 50 Words or Less: In spite of increased action and some fun motorcycle hijinks, Cap 2 was another disappointment full of scenes depicting Cap paling around in a rural town painting portraits of the locals. And yes, the costume really was THAT bad, again!

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