23 November 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Great Space Chase

Once again, fresh out of ideas, the writers introduced a space laser that made icebergs fly. After disposing of the bergs, flaming meteors appeared. Can you guess what was to blame? A mean aliens who was using the disasters to prevent capture by space cops. Superboy lured the criminal out with a giant chunk of Uranium, hopefully no citizens were killed by the fallout. Yawn.

Best Part: I was relieved that at least the mysterious space laser was explained unlike last episode's purple mist.

Worst Part: I have some serious issues with Superboy just "borrowing" uranium from a nuclear plant whenever he feels like it. Also, there was really no chase to speak of, so it certainly wasn't great, and we were only shown space in a flashback; once again the title was a LIE!

Episode Count: 0098
Series Count: (21 of 33)

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