23 November 2011

Evolution of the Batman (and Robin) - Batman: Year One

The original comic book Batman: Year One provided much of the backbone for the film Batman Begins. This animated adaptation of the the source material took a much more faithful approach in presenting the epic tale of Batman's first year in the suit. The end result is a wonderful, but concise film that unfortunately has had some of its best parts already mined.

One big difference between Year One and Begins is that the former is ironically more of a Jim Gordon tale than one of the Dark Knight. Flawed sure, but Gordon was ultimately a hero of the story. Without him, Batman could not have succeeded.

One of the most notable moments in Year One was the presentation of the fateful night in crime alley when young Bruce Wayne became an orphan.

Although Catwoman made some appearances in the film, she mostly filled an ancillary role leaving the movie makers to expand on her character with a stand alone short. That said, she was the closet thing the movie had to a super villain.

In the end, the briskly paced film was over too soon and in retrospect Batman wasn't in it all that much. Then again, at just over an hour, the movie was surprisingly complete and another excellent entry in the Dark Knights portfolio.

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