22 November 2011

Onscreen History of Killer Moth

With a name like Killer Moth, the dude has never gotten a ton of respect aside for being around since 1951's
Batman #63. Over the years, this "killer" has not only pestered Batman but has been a frequent nemesis of Batgirl as well.

Although it never officially aired, Killer Moth was slated to make his onsceen debut in the 1967 Batgirl pilot which teamed Batgirl with the 1960 Batman and Robin. The showdown between Bat and Moth coincided with their first encounter in the comics.

Killer Moth finally made his first official appearance in 2004 on the Teen Titans animated series in which Moth was the father of Kitten and creator of Titans mascot turned giant moth, Silkie.

In Team Penguin, a 2006 episode of The Batman, Killer Moth joined less seriously taken villains Killer Croc, Penguin, Ragdoll, and Firefly.

Although the team was reluctant at first to let Moth on the team, after he mutated into an actual killer moth, his status on the team was much improved.

Batgirl would finally face off against Killer Moth for reals when the larcenous lepidopterous appeared in the teaser sequence for the Batman: The Brave and the Bold  episode The Last Patrol! Will the Mothman return? Perhaps after his triumphant portrayal in Lego Batman he will find a new fan base, but sadly it may be a while before this Rodney Dangerfield of Bat-foes gets any respect.

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