06 June 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Menace of the White Dwarf

This episode gets props, if for nothing else, for including a supervillian. Even though Raven was a scientist, he was a nice variation from the typical misguided but well meaning antagonist. The episode also had Superman using the expression "Dollars to donuts," and I love donuts.

Even with its strengths, the episode had some major problems. Raven's ploy involved using a white dwarf star to make things disappear. Did people in the 70's really think stars could do that? And if I am not mistaken, a white dwarf was also credited with powering the Atoms ability to shrink. I guess in the DC multiverse a white dwarf is basically as good as having your own wizard. Super Marv nearly did Raven's job for him, exposing Superman to kryptonite of the Swiss cheese variety. Anyways, there were a bunch of Raven robots, a flying Washington Monument, and magical mushrooms. In the end, Supes just threw the white dwarf into the sun, which seemed like a REALLY bad idea, but oh well. This still wasn't a great episode by any stretch, but a supervillain elevated this into a bit more fantastical and fun levels that made me a tad more tolerant, even if I never really understood why the mushrooms were so amazing.

Episode Count: 0213
Series Count: (12 of 16)

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