07 June 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Mysterious Moles

 I wish I were joking, but this adventure began when Wendy and Marvin noticed some big chicken tracks and a tree that they thought may have moved. Sounds like a job for Superman. In the mean time, the other Friends got to cruise down the old Boulevard.

 This episode reminded me a lot of the Scooby Doo and Batman team-ups. Instead of an upside down house, this episode featured a rotating house. Believe it or not, upside down is much more entertaining than lateral spinning. For the aviators out there, is it correct to say roll trumps yaw? Honestly, there was no real reason for the house to spin, other than it being a tip off that that owners were up to something. Minnie and Max (Ha ha, get it?) Mole, missing air conditioners, and moving trees all added up to a really lame adventure into a bottomless cave in Cave County, full of diamonds, walking rocks and boulders, dinosaurs, and a jolly swamp monster that looked like a booger.

Now about those stolen air conditioners, if the Moles had just taken out a small business loan to buy air conditioners, they could easily have paid off the loan with their recovered treasures. The villainy was just uncalled for, as was this lame outing. Did I mention that Superman spent most of the episode guarding an air conditioner? Thankfully, after beating up some trees, the Super Friends returned the air conditioners to their owners. Crisis averted.

Episode Count: 0214
Series Count: (13 of 16)

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