11 February 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Batman: Dead Or Alive

So after the last episode's flying cowboys, we now get robot cowboys. Cowboys must have been hot in the 70's. So, long before Firefly, the Capricorn Kid was mixing space with the Old West. As it turns out, robo-cowboys rival flying brains as lame foes.

So even though the Capricorn kid was an idiot, he did manage to cause a bit of pain for the Friends. After first defeating Zan in "frozen knight" form (which I am sure is some sort of cheat on his powers) the Kid managed to take down the rest of the team one-by-one Tower of Babel style. The whole thing led to an Old West shoot out that played more like a Knotts Berry Farm show than an actual shoot out. I guess the Kid planned to lose because he used the other captured heroes as leverage to escape Batman. Then there was one more quick draw contest, which the "gun-totting" Batman managed to win. It might not have been as bad as it sounds, but it sure wasn't good.

Episode Count: 0317
Series Count: (25 of 32)

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