13 February 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Battle Of The Gods

Wonder Woman in Greece (which is somehow now on another planet)? For a second I thought I was watching the Brady Bunch again, but it quickly turned into a Clash of the Titans with Aphrodite and Hera using the Friends as pawns. 

Aquaman was tasked with getting the golden fleece, Wonder Woman had to fight Medusa, Batman and Bird Boy has to solve the riddle of the sphinx, and Super-matador was pitted against the minotaur. Unfortunately, the Wonder Twins also decided to jump in and lend a hand as a rocket powered griffin - but wouldn't you know it they accidentally got turned to stone. This one was actually a lot of fun as it played like four short adventures, each with its own set of surprises and interesting challenges including an invisible man, a statue warrior, and a shadow monster all in addition to the original challenges. It sure was refreshing to not have a total bomb. As we enter the home stretch, I am hoping my luck doesn't run out.

Episode Count: 0319
Series Count: (27 of 32)

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