14 February 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Doomsday

Right off the bat I hated how GL used his ring to become a giant. Not only does hos ring not do that, but Apache Chief could just as easily have been used if they needed a giant... in fact, later he did show up even if he was worthless. It was just a really lazy move. But the main idea of Legion members turning even more rogue, I liked.

A trip to Qward (or Quad, depending on Superman pronunciation) was another nice touch, but that was countered by the villain encountered there - black space knight on a unicorn. WHAT!? Basically, we have reached that point again when the series stops trying to make sense and just churns out ideas someone thought were cool.

We also got the Legion being turned into bowling pins and giant billiard balls as a punishment, giant cat and mouse constructs, and an egg carton prison but that wasn't enough to elevate this one from the middle of the pack.

Episode Count: 0320
Series Count: (28 of 32)

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