12 February 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Fairy Tale of Doom

Yes, that was Captain Nemo (not the fish) and no this was not the animated League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Instead it was a decent episode that pulled off an out-there premise that was eventually pushed way too far. Practically the entire next season of Super Friends would continue placing the Friends in fantastic realms from Middle Earth to Oz, but not before hitting the basics here. So, as long as the idea of going into books is a concept you can accept, there was some fun to be had.

Wonder Woman in Wonderland is a no brainer, but since there is no such imaginary land as Superland, the other settings were a but more  unexpected: Jack and the Beanstalk for Hawkman and Gulliver's Travels for Superman - though you would think the Legion would pick something more intense than fairy tales, maybe Dante's Inferno. Anyways, this was a reasonably fun romp even if there was a bit of copyright infringement going on especially with the Cheshire Cat and Queen of Hearts. I realize these books were in the public domain, but the Alice characters bore a striking resemblance to their Disney created counterparts. Interestingly, not only did the Friends lie to win this one, the Legion also failed to escape at the end. but I have a hunch that they will be free by the time the next episode rolls around.

Episode Count: 0318
Series Count: (26 of 32)

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  1. Wow, I remember this one - ha haaa ..been a while, but man, those Saturday mornings were like heaven...
    sooo much cereal, and Alex Toth...
    Cheers, Artie