15 May 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Cat Scratch Fever

While Catwoman sadly never landed a breakout episode, she always did manage to land on her feet. This is another more than adequate outing for the felonious feline who opened the episode on probation as long as she vowed to abandon the Catwoman persona. But as luck would have it, Selina stumbled onto some cat thieves who caught her precious Isis. That was all she needed to bust out the catsuit.

In her last outing, Selina turned into a cat, so I guess she was lucky this time to merely get infected with a plague. But seriously, maybe she should question her choice of animal advocacy before it gets her killed. For being about stray cats, this was fairly enjoyable. You can always count on Catwoman for a decent episode, but how does all that hair fit in her hood?

Episode Count: 0564
Series Count: (30 of 81)

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