08 May 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Night of the Ninja

When I was younger I used to find this episode a little boring. Perhaps it was the lack of a super villain or perhaps I just didn't care much for the training days of the Dark Knight. In any case, this episode has aged well and grown on me quite a bit. I suppose in a post-Batman Begins era, the training of Batman is a lot more relevant and this episode offers an insightful look at how Batman copes with knowing he can be beaten. 

The other part of this episode that I enjoy is that the villain is really not after Batman at all. Its a more personal conflict with Bruce Wayne, who manages to come out on top. One complaint would be that of all episodes, I am not sure Robin needed to be in this one. Him saving Batman twice was a little much. Then again I guess it emphasizes the point that one of Batman's strengths is his allies. Overall, I think this is an underrated episode, if by no one else, then by me. 

Episode Count: 0559
Series Count: (25 of 81)

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