09 May 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne

Ah Hugo. Hugo Strange was one of the Detectives very first villains dating back to his 1940 debut, but it was over 50 years before his first appearance on screen. Better late than never, but its too bad that after such a wait, this is how Hugo made his debut - looking like a dolt. 

If I was Batman I would be leery of health spas. This is the second time now an evil health spa has nearly claimed Bruce Wayne as a victim. The other really stupid thing is how Bruce let Hugo Strange scan his brain to determine he was Batman in about 10 seconds. Oops. And its not like Batman got tricked into this. He was pretty much warned his mind would be exposed and he went along with it. The villain auction was an interesting idea (even though the villains stupidly pooled their money to bid against themselves); lucky for Batman the villains didn't believe the truth. Um... too bad Hugo Strange still ended the episode with the knowledge in tact. Seems that could come back to haunt Bats.

Episode Count: 0560
Series Count: (26 of 81)
First Appearance: Hugo Strange

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