06 May 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Perchance to Dream


Is it really impossible to read something in a dream? Even though its pretty obvious from the title that some sort of dream is involved, this episode still maintains a great deal of suspense. Who is The Batman? Who is behind the dream? And the tragedy of Bruce actually believing his nightmare is over and his parents are alive is heart wrenching. Would Bruce choose fantasy or grim reality? You just knew this one wouldn't end well. 

While the villain reveal of the Mad Hatter made complete sense,  it was also totally unexpected. This very personal assault on Batman elevated the Mad Hatter to being a true threat for Batman and resulted in a really dark episode. While Mad as a Hatter was fun, the stakes for the Caped Crusader were not that high. But in round two, Hatty upped his game making this one another of the series' very finest episodes.

Episode Count: 0557
Series Count: (23 of 81)

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  1. I too am a little skeptic on the being unable to read in a dream detail. I feel as though I've read in dreams before, though it's probably my mind thinking I'm reading something when I'm actually not... or something like that. Anyway, I agree this is a brilliant and very enjoyable episode, and definitely among the best of the series. Keep it up; I've begun enjoying reading these every weekday.