06 February 2010

Spotlight on Dr. Fate

Dr. Fate is pretty much DC comics ultimate magic wielder. Created in the 1940's he has long been a member of the Justice Society of America, but it wasn't until 1997 that he made his onscreen debut as a guest star in Superman: The Animated Series' The Hand of Fate.

Doc F. would return for appearances in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. In the episode The Terror Beyond, Fate teamed with Aquaman and Solomon Grundy paying homage to the Marvel team the Defenders consisting of Dr. Strange, Namor, and Hulk.

In the episode, Wake the Dead, the homage continued with Amazo joining the group (filling in for the role of the Silver Surfer).

Dr. Fate was given a couple of frames in the Justice League: The New Frontier movie's opening credits depicting the rejection of the JSA.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold welcomed Fate back into the mix (though his helmet no longer covered the side of his face).

Most recently, Society member Dr. Fate came out of retirement on Smallville.

Only fate will tell, but this may not be the last we have seen of old bell head.


  1. I'd never heard of him until the Smallville stuff you posted. I thought they were making him up. Has Stargirl (or who she is) been around this long, too?

  2. Stargirl was made in 1999 as the new Star Spangled Kid (a golden age character). She was in Justice League Unlimited, but I think that's it outside of comics.