05 February 2010

Teeny Teen Thor Makes His Debut

Attached to Planet Hulk was a sneak peak at Thor: Tales of Asgrad, the next in the line of Marvel DtVs. This was supposed to be release last August but is sitting on a shelf somewhere waiting to coincide with the theatrical release of the live action Thor. It looks OK and is a bit different than expected. It basically looks like a coming of age story beginning with a wussy and skinny Thor. Hopefully Marvel will start increasing the rate of their animated movies. One a year just isn't cutting the mustard.


  1. As of Thor, they have completed their eight picture deal with Lionsgate and there has been no word to the public about forming a new contract. I don't know if the fact that Marvel is now owed by Disney changes anything.

  2. Yeah, I would expect that future films would be done in some other way aside from Lionsgate. On the Planet Hulk DVD there was lots of talk of a possible World War Hulk movie, so at least some of the animation folk are still thinking about more movies.

    Its so strange that the Marvel DTVs have turned out the way they have. When Ultimate Avengers came out they were announcing a pretty ambitious release schedule for the next 3 movies, but it seems like every one of their movies has been delayed. DC on the other hand got into the game later but has been quite consistent with their release schedule. Hopefully Planet Hulk will be successful enough to get Marvel back on track and set with a long term release plan.