01 August 2011

Captain America Overtakes Green Lantern at the Box Office

After his second weekend at $117 million, the Star Spangled Man with a plan has been promoted past Green Lantern in both the domestic and worldwide box office earnings. Although Cap's earnings have slowed, he still looks to land somewhere around $160 million domestic, which will most likely be enough to earn the franchise a sequel... Major America perhaps?

The weekend win was shared by Cowboys and Aliens and The Smurfs, which was really a loss for Cowboys which looks to be a bigger bomb than Green Lantern. The rest of the superhero movies seem to have pretty much settled, and although the dust is yet to clear it looks like the final rankings for 2011 will be (after Transformers which clearly dominated):

#1 Thor
#2 Captain America: The First Avenger
#3 X-Men: First Class
#4 Green Lantern
#5 The Green Hornet

By the way, my predictions this year were pretty sad, I will try harder next year.

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