02 August 2011

Marvel Teaser Trailer for Agent Coulson Short

Marvel is beginning yet another experiment with their live-action film franchise. Beginning with the release of Thor on DVD, all new shorts that tie into the movies will be released. The first, called simple The Consultant, provides background for the Tony Stark cameo which appeared in The Incredible Hulk.The short focuses on Agent Coulson, Son of Coul and agent of SHIELD.

I am not sure how necessary these shorts are, but it is nice when Marvel provides a little extra content and some Easter eggs for fans, as long as its not essential to the overall story, or worse, distracting from an individual movie (see Iron Man 2). As for Agent Coulson, that dude got lucky when he was cast in Iron Man. I bet he had no idea that he would get to be Marvel Studio's poster boy.

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