05 August 2011

Weekly Top 5 in Superhero Shows - 05 August 2011

The leaked 2011 pilot for Wonder Woman (and still available by the way) lassoed up the most interest this past week, though another costumed heroine has been making a last minute run - Batgirl. Oddly enough, it was a  "promo" for a computer animated Batgirl show (with a cameo by the Dark Knight himself) that with the help of Bat-Mite capped of the series finale of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

1. Watch the Entire Wonder Woman Pilot Now

2. Pics of Computer Animated Batgirl and Batman

3. Batman and Bane Pics From the Set of The Dark Knight Rises (Now with Video)

4. Marvel Teaser Trailer for Agent Coulson Short

5. Onscreen History of Doctor Strange

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