05 August 2011

Pics of Computer Animated Batgirl and Batman

The final episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Mitefall! has aired overseas and I was able to nab some screen caps of the super secret surprise ending featuring a computer animated Batgirl and Batman.

In the episode,Bat-Mite having grown tired of Batman: The Brave and the Bold tries to make the show so bad that it will get cancelled. Ambush Bug tries to stop him. The whole thing ends with a CG promo for a darker follow-up Batgirl animated series.

Of course, Batman couldn't let Babs get all of the spotlight, and so he showed up too.

Along with Firefly, I presume?

I say, make it happen! Even if this is a joke to Bat-Mite, I ain't laughing.

After all, there really is a computer animated Batman series in the works as a possible companion series for the upcoming Green Lantern: Computer Animated Series. Who knows how close this is to the actual look of the upcoming series, but this is looking good.Watch it while it lasts on Youtube:

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