18 November 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Beast With Two Faces

Enter Superboy Season 2. At this point, I have to say I am digging the series a little more than I was at the outset; I still think it could benefit from some supervillains, but at least the plots started to get a little more variety. Once again, thank goodness for Krypto. He was the one standout so far that gave this series some charm.

Unfortunately, Krytpo's antics could not save this episode from its absurdity. The story opened in Central America with a beast on a rampage. Fearing that the ol' dino attack plot may be too straight forward and the alien angle might be growing stale, the writers decided to introduce an alien dinosaur. While the beast actually had only a single face he turned out to be harmless once his alien master busted out his remote control alien dinosaur calmer. It worked like a charm and all was well... but wait! A cabal of criminals who just happened to be hidding in the trees overheard the part about the remote control, took the alien hostage and flew the spaceship to Metropolis. There, they set the dino on the loose, distracting Superboy so they could execute a heist. One hour later they were in jail.

Best Part: At least for once the alien was nice. I mean, not the kind of guy I would want over for dinner, but if I saw him in the hall, I would say "Hi."

Worst Part: I was really looking forward to a two headed beast, not some beast with a personality disorder.

Episode Count: 0095
Series Count: (18 of 33)
Dino Attack Count: 0003

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