17 November 2011

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl (2001) - Discount Review

Heroes: Electra Woman and Dyna Girl (II)

Villains: A pair of two-bit thieves

Diabolical Schemes: This short pilot attempting to revive the 70's action comedy (which I had never heard of before) didn't really last long enough to establish a villainous scheme. The villains did try to rob a jewelry store though.

Hero Cameos: Even this dreck couldn't resist a jab at Aquaman. The Flash also made a quick appearance along with earning a shout out for his "Fed-Ex endorsement deal." Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman also got mentions. Oddly like the recent failed WW pilot, the Wonder Woman mention involved a reference to the Amazon's "fabulous tits." Who writes this stuff.

Review in 50 Words or Less: As a 15 minute one-shot this was actually kind of funny for a superhero parody - albeit a tad bit on the raunchy side. As an ongoing series, it would certainly have been a disaster, like an SNL skit that just wont end. Sweet theme though. 


  1. No "Coolest Moment(s)/Worst Moment"?

  2. Wha!? Blogger must have eaten my post. The best part was the jewelry store fight. The worst part was the line about the fate of the original Dyna Girl.