16 November 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - A Devil of a Time

Holy macaroni. Now that was a story I didn't see coming. Superboy decided to dress up as a glasses wearing devil for a school costume party to be an ironic companion for the earth angel herself Lana Lang. But, when Superboy spied with his little eye some scheming criminals he made some makeshift smoke bombs and made a deal with the baddies pretending to be the devil himself. Pretty bold move. Luckily the criminals took the bait, they were after all complete idiots who asked for the biggest diamond in the world and then complained that it was too big when the devil, I mean Superboy brought it to them.

Best Part: Superboy managed to get a signed confession out of the criminals after tricking them into thinking he had taken them to hell (it was really just a nearby semi-active volcano, no worries). That's good police work there!

Worst Part: If people knew Clark was dressed as the devil, and then they saw the devil flying, that just might have been a giveaway that he was either Superboy, or the actual devil, assuming the devil can fly of course. By the way, where was Krypo!

Episode Count: 0093
Series Count: (16 of 33)

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  1. This story is actually an adaptation of a story from Superman #138!