14 October 2011

Space Ghost and Batman Join Forces!

 UPDATE 14 October 2011

It was on tonight in the US and was still awesome!


From Coast to Coast to Gotham City, Space Ghost has had an adventurous career which will soon see him teaming up with the Caped Crusader in the upcoming episode Bold Beginnings! of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. The two joined forces against the classic Space Ghost villain Creature King along with many of the King's creatures who appeared in the villain's original outing. To be honest, this was a team-up I never saw coming.

The Space Ghost character was created in the 1960's by Hanna-Barbera and starred along with teen sidekicks Jan and Jace as well as Blip the space monkey in a Space Ghost cartoon. In the 1980's SG returned to TV in the Space Stars series. In the 90's Space Ghost found new popularity on his parody talk show Space Ghost: Coast to Coast.

In 2005, DC comics published a serious take on Space Ghost in a mini-series. However, even though the comic was published by DC, there was no connection to the DC universe. So, as far as I know (which could be incorrect) this is the first interaction between Space Ghost of the DC comics multiverse. Historic! Welcome Space Ghost and enjoy your stay.

Sneak a peek of the first 2 minutes for free here.

or watch the whole thing here while it lasts below:

UPDATED with additional images

Compare The Space Safari title from Batman: The Brave and the Bold...

...to the title card from the 1966 Space Ghost episode Creature King

Sidekicks Jan, Jace, and Blip (if only the Herculoids had stopped by)

Ghooooooooooost Blip

The Ghost host with the most

Batman giving Creature King, his "just desserts"

Original Space Ghost: Creature King Episode

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