14 October 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Team of Terror

Satana of Quanta and Yimfo? a "dwarf mute" alien arrive on Earth and start commanding some pink plastic guy named Plasto attack. Enter Warlock! Somehow, Satana gave Warlock's ruby kryptonite powers. Part 1 ended with Superman grappling over revealing his identity or letting Lois die. Unfortunately that let the Warlock attack him with his kryptonite laser. As if that wasn't enough he also got attacked by Plasto in the form of a giant snake which somehow negated the kryptonite allowing Superman to escape.

Best Part: Warlock just may be my favorite character in this series, I had high hopes when he appeared. I really wasn't disappointed, I mean he delivered on his bringing stuff to life shtick. I want to start a lobby to bring the Warlock back to the mainstream. Oh, and it was awesome when Superman threatened to maroon the Warlock in space. I mean, you know he really wasn't bluffing.

Worst Part: The narrator pitched the cliffhanger as one of the most important decisions of Superman's life. So what did he do, he went behind a bush changed into Superman, and no one even noticed Clark was gone. Good thing he didn't just let them die.

Episode Count: 0072
Series Count: (55 of 60)

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