13 October 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Can a Luthor Change His Spots?

Can't a guy get a second chance? Lex claimed to reform and took a job as a science editor for the Daily Planet, but Jimmy didn't buy it. After snooping around, Jimmy got zapped by one of Lexy's experiments. Jimmy continued to spy on Lex, but Superman got distracted when Lois called him from a submarine where she was trapped under the polar ice cap in a whirlpool. In the meantime, Jimmy accidentally locked Perry White in a bank vault. Oops. The first part ended on a cliffhanger of Superman having to save both Perry and Lois in less than 5 minutes. This train-wreck of an episode really unraveled in part 2 when Lex finally revealed that he hadn't really reformed.

Worst Part: Lex faked being good so he could launch or "teleport" the Daily Planet into orbit!? WHY? The very worst part of this episode, and of this new double length format, is that the episode should have been put out of its misery at 6 minutes. Instead, it just kept going.

Episode Count: 0071
Series Count: (54 of 60)

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