19 July 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Gets Animated

Check out this fan spliced teaser for The Dark Knight Rises with animation clips edited to the actual soundtrack.


  1. Hey, this is the creator of this particular animated trailer. Glad you like it! Thanks for sharing this with others! -Matt

  2. Hey Matt, inspired job! Can we expect more from you when the next trailers arrive?

  3. Hero Supreme, I don't know. I just kinda did this on a whim...it just hit me that there was one BTAS episode with Gordon in the hospital and a Bane-centered episode and I was able to cobble something together after a little searching through my BTAS DVD's. The whole thing turned out much better than I ever anticipated. I have a feeling a real trailer with 2+ minutes of footage will be a lot tougher to find from the BTAS episodes...but then you never know. :0) -Matt