21 July 2011

Man of Steel Relaunch Gets a Release Date

June 14, 2013

Wisely choosing not to crowd 2012 any more than it already is, the Superman reboot, Man of Steel, has claimed June 14, 2013 (According to Box Office Mojo). The date sort of makes me nervous as that weekend did not work out too well for Green Lantern, but the Summer opening and closing have already been taken by Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 respectively. 2013 is sizing up to be pretty healthy for superheroes. And they said the genre was on its way out. Ha! 

This also gives the WB until 2014 to release a solid (hopefully) superhero tentpole, if they do intend to carry out the plan to use DC heroes to bring in the bank after Harry Potter's retirement. Will 2014 belong to the Flash? The Justice League? An outside chance at Green Lantern 2? Hopefully more news is coming soon.

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