22 July 2011

Weekly Top 5 in Superhero Shows

I am toying with the idea of a quick weekly recap with the Top 5 new stories and a summary of other notables. Let me know what you think! This week, it was the leaked and then official releases of  The Amazing Spider-Man trailer that webbed up the most traffic, besting the leaked trailer for the Avengers. That should bode well for the Web-Head come summer 2012.

1. Watch the Official Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Now

2. Watch the Leaked Avengers Trailer Now

3. Three Leaked Clips From the Failed Wonder Woman Pilot

4. Ranking 15 Batman Movies

5. Superman Returns to Krypton in a Gorgeous Deleted Scene

I also added a new bookmark-worthy page which will maintain a one stop directory for all the developments in next year's superhero movies (and beyond).

2012 Superhero Movie Guide

And of course, Captain America: The First Avenger is here! Check out Cap and Red Skull's onscreen histories to see where else they have popped up over the years.

Captain America's Onscreen History

Red Skull's Onscreen History

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