23 July 2011

Leaked Images of The Amazing Spider-Man's Lizard

Last night at Comic Con, the Lizard was revealed onscreen in all his CG glory. Well, it was only a matter of time until some images of Lizzie were leaked showing how he will appear in 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man, and here they are.

Its hard to really say too much about these since the quality is about the worst you could imagine. I am pleased that they chose the Lizard as the movies villain. He is a big hitter in Spider-Man lore and his appearance is way past due and much more worthy than say, the Vulture. I promise, better images will be posted as soon as they are available.

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  1. YEA I was hoping I would find some pictures of him since I read about it just now lol bad quality or not it makes me happy to see that he's pretty damn close to how he should look.. I'm so happy they made his mouth stick out instead of making him too humanoid.

  2. Anyway you guys could draw an outline around him so we can figure out what's going on here? I'm having trouble making this out