17 July 2011

Watch the Leaked Avengers Trailer Now

Captain America opens this Friday and then all of the pieces will be on the table for The Avengers which will arrive in May 2012. This post credits Captain America scene will also be your first look at the Avengers doubling as a trailer. Get it while its hot.

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  1. First and hot damn i can not wait for the avengers

  2. Sweet momma hope a better quality video hits the internet soon.
    Scene was cut when I watched it at 12 AM.
    It will only be added in screenings post friday, I read somewhere.
    Why treat the first viewers to watch the movie like this?
    It's like an insult to fandom and it really sucks.
    I thought being at the first screening (official, yknow, not the pre-screenings that are like showed 1 week before the official release in theaters) would not change a thing.
    Marvel studios, you never sucked and never lowered my expectations about all the tied-in superhero movies.
    But now you made me wait for such an expected post-credits scene ( it was reported that there was a post credits avengers trailer) and didn't reward me for coming at the first representation in the theater, and ending up at 2 AM after all the (great) movie without that special bit I was expecting.
    And why stopping everybody from uploading that particular part?
    It's not the whole movie and you'd get much more satisfaction from people. It's a teaser, not an actual scene.
    You suck. On that point.

  3. Yaaaaay!! can't wait for The Avengers movie!! love that final scene!!