19 July 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Diverting Detours Through the Multiverse

In the words of Flushed Away's Toad, I never said these detours would be amusing, merely diverting. At present I have a tally of 1,387 episodes to go (and growing) so why try and plow through them all without stopping along the way to smell the roses? Here is the low down on what to expect as we proceed.

During the 70+ years of DC animation, there have been a number of animated parodies, homages, rip-offs, and miscellaneouses that deserve a little looksie of their own. There is no way I can be completely comprehensive, but as much as it fancies me I will delve into some of what I deem as the worthiest nuggets. These jaunts will not contribute to the ongoing episode count, nor will they make you smarter, but they may prove the tipping point in over-stuffing brains with useless information. One last point, I may or may not hit these detours in a chronological or even logical order, but rest assured, the order makes sense to me.

Until tomorrow.

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