23 July 2011

Raging Animated Red Laterns Revealed

Here are a couple of first look images of the Red Lantern Corps from the upcoming Green Lantern Animated Series. i got these from the promo video below. I believe the dude next to Zilious Zox is Razer, a Red Latern created just for the series.

And the Red Lantern wouldn't be complete without Atrocitus. I have to say, even though this isn't Pixar level computer animation I don't think it will impede the quality of the series as long as the stories are good. And honestly, with the scope of the Green Lantern universe, this series may end up being able to deliver a more in depth and definitive version of Green Lantern than a live action movie series could. Keep your fingers crossed for another great animated series from DC who have a pretty great track record over the past 20 years aside from the mediocre Legion of Superheroes. Anyways, there is also a 6 minute non-embeddable preview clip here.

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