20 August 2010

Marvelous Animation Tour - Spider-Woman (1979)

The Spider-Woman animated series made its debut in 1979, partly as a response to Filmation's creation of a character named Web Woman whose series debuted the year prior.

In the show, Jessica Drew was bitten by a poisonous spider but when her father saved her life by injecting her with an experimental "spider serum", she gained superhuman powers. The onscreen version of Spider-Woman lacked super strength, but had enough other powers to make up for it. She could fly, fire bursts of energy from her hands called "venom blasts," she possessed a "spider-sense" warning her of danger, she could sling webs organically ala movie Spider-Man, and she could change into costume by spinning (though that may not be an actual power per se), she could talk to spiders like Aquaman does with fish, she possessed a spider-shriek, and she could make a spider-bubble to breathe underwater.

The series featured frequent a couple of guest appearances by Spider-Man who apparently wanted to make sure his "brand" was being well represented. Any other relationship between the two spider-heroes was not made clear.

Like previous Marvel series, this one was short lived lasting just 16 episodes.