06 April 2011

Spotlight on Booster Gold

Booster Gold first appeared in the 1986 issue, Booster Gold #1. The hero from the future brought high tech gadgets to our time to help fight crime while gaining fame and glory.

Old Booster first appeared onscreen in Justice League Unlimited's 2004 episode, The Greatest Story Never Told. In the tale, Booster failed to get recognition from League leadership as a true hero, but he ended up saving the day regardless.

Booster Gold was next spotted by eagle-eyed viewers in 2006 during a cameo appearance in the pilot episode of the Legion of Superheroes season in which the hero (likely still in pre-hero mode) could be seen as a janitor of the future.

Beginning in 2009, Goldie made several appearances in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, as usual accompanied by his hovering robot Skeets.

In 2010, Imaginext posted an online ad / cartoon for their upcoming line of toys titled The Joker's Playhouse. This love letter to Super Friends fans featured your typical Justice League first stringers in action but was generous enough to give Booster a shout out as a pitchman from cereal on a billboard.

In perhaps his highest profile appearance to date, Booster Gold is set to appear, along with long time buddy Blue Beetle, for the first time in live-action on the April 22, 2011 Smallville episode Booster. In the episode, Booster arrives from the future eager to claim the fame that Superman is so reluctant to accept. Things are looking up for Booster Gold, all this exposure only ensures that he isn't going anywhere soon.

05 April 2011

Hate Green Lantern's Movie Costume? Not So Fast

To all those naysayers and folks that have been complaining about the Green Lantern costume in the upcoming movie, let me assure you, it could have been, and has been, MUCH worse.

Check out this take from the unaired 1997 Justice League TV show.

Or this costume from the 1970's Legends of the Superheroes TV special which actually did air. Even the recent costume design for Wonder Woman for the upcoming TV shows has been shockingly bad (though to be fair some improvements have been made). I am not saying the GL costume is perfect, but seeing how wrong it could have gone, I have to say it not too shabby.

03 April 2011

Thundercats Trailer

Have I died and become 8 years old again?